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<Creative consultant/designer. Type Design, images, graphics, video. Virgile Flores partners closely with global brands, individuals and cultural institutions to elevate their communication through both digital and physical means. For more information and proposals, please email info@virgileflores.com>


<Fact > <Communication Arts > <The Brand Identity> <Trax Magazine> <Collide 24> <Collide 24> <Shoplifters 8 - Actual Source> <Nowness> <It’s Nice That 2>
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<New Aesthetic 1 & 2>
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<Kon Paper magazine>


<Biennale of Sydney, 2022, Sydney, Australia>
<International Poster Competition 2020, INTL, Glasgow, Scotland>
<International Poster Competition 2019, INTL, Glasgow, Scotland>
<Unseen Amsterdam - ISO, Amsterdam, Holland>
<Here There, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China>
<Club des DA, Editorial shortlist, Paris, France>
<Villette Sonique, Paris, France>
<Weltformat Festival, Luzern, Switzerland>
<Blank Poster X Kon Paper, Munich, Germany>


<Maison Margiela>
<Red Bull>
<Ballet National de Marseille>
<24h du Mans>
<Pirelli Foundation>
<Post Malone>
<Detroit Swindle>
<Shaun White>


<Carlos Mayo>